Environmental Club sails the Hudson River

Environmental Club sails the Hudson River
IMG_3406The Environmental Club of John Jay College and SEJ Prof. Sandra Swenson organized a sail on the Hudson River on Tuesday April 28, 2015.  After walking along the Hudson River Park to the 79th street boat basin, the group sailed on a replica  of an 18th century schooner, the Mystic Whaler, part of the Clearwater Organization‘s fleet. Founded by Pete Seeger, an American Folk artist, Clearwater began in the 1970’s to bring awareness to cleaning up the Hudson and today works:
…to preserve and protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water.  As an organization, Clearwater works to provide innovative environmental programs, advocacy, and celebrations designed to inspire, educate and activate the next generation of environmental leaders.
The John Jay group was on the water for three hours hoisting the sails and learning about the ecology and water quality of the Hudson River.
40 students and 4 faculty attended and hope to make this an annual event.