Blogging from Paris

SEJ program member Karen Malpede has now returned from France, but her blog posts about her experiences in Paris during the UN climate talks and her participation there in ArtCOP21, the festival of cultural activity on climate change, continue to appear on the Kenyon Review blog.

You’ll find Prof. Malpede’s thoughts on the role of civil society and public presence in the streets of Paris, as well as on the role of theatre in the context of climate change in her latest blog post: COP21: In the hands of its people alive right now lies the fate of the earth and all her creatures for the rest of time.

Earlier this week, Prof. Malpede wrote about the role of ecofeminism for the climate justice movement in a post entitled Ecofeminism at COP21, and before she left for Paris about her thoughts while Reading Moby Dick out loud on the way to the Paris climate conference.

Take a look!