Rising Sea Levels Cause Destruction

by Andre Carrion


Rising sea level is a slow killer that is fixable for the entire globe. Rising sea levels are caused by greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Global warming melts the ice caps slowly, and, as the ice caps melt, the higher level of heat doesn’t let the ice caps regain the melted ice and leaves more water in the ocean.

Global warming causes hotter waters as well, and as things like water are heated, they expand, meaning the oceans become larger just by heating up. This increase in water distributes among the sea coast and takes up land slowly, but enough that it can cause serious problems as more ice caps melt and don’t recover. The effects of these rising sea levels are larger waves, which can move further in, and flooding. It can, also, cause storms to become more deadly by having larger waves that can demolish things, and consume smaller islands overall.

The solution to the rising sea levels is to stop creating greenhouse gases in order to prevent global warming. It will take some time and sea levels will still rise over time, but the sooner we stop, the easier it will be for the Earth to repair itself and contain the conflict. We also need to prepare for the rising sea levels, since it is unlikely that we will be able to contain our impact on global warming through a reduction in consumption. To prepare, we can start building floodgates or other barriers to prevent flooding at the coast, and improve draining systems for floods. We can move houses away from the coast or raise those already existing so flooding can destroy less property and cause less damage.