Activist letter to support NYC just retrofitting of buildings

Did you know that 70% of NYC’s massive climate pollution comes from oil and gas energy used to power buildings? Yes, much of that pollution is the result of wasted energy. For example, that moment during the winter when your apartment gets so hot that you have to open the windows to let the heat out.

Requiring all large buildings in NYC to upgrade to modern energy efficiency standards would create many thousands of good jobs and slash climate and air pollution. Let’s make it happen!

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Climate change is already hitting us with storms like Sandy and Maria, heat waves, and air pollution. Our communities need good jobs and clean air. By getting New York City to require #DirtyBuildings to upgrade to high energy efficiency, NYC can take on its top source of climate and air pollution while creating thousands of good jobs. 

Of course, the super-powerful real estate industry and their lobbyists aren’t trying to make this easy!  They oppose legislation that would require #DirtyBuildings like Trump Tower (a high polluter) to clean up their acts.

That’s why we need activists and community leaders like you to sign this letter for New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who has supported such legislation in the past.  We need Speaker Johnson and the Council to pass legislation now!

Click here now to sign a community leaders letter to clean up #DirtyBuildings

With your help, we can fight climate change and create good jobs.

Thanks for all you do,


Patrick Houston
Climate Organizer
New York Communities for Change