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Reparations, Healthy Farming and Environmental Justice

An Agricultural Movement for People-to-People Reparations Puts Itself on the Map   Emeline Posner May 11, 2018 In These Times How a Chicago collective approaches a worker-owned farm through an intersectional and holistic lens that understands that our community’s issues can

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People’s Climate march 6/29 newsletter

The Peoples Climate Movement Newsletter June 29th, 2018 *Have you pledged to Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice on September 8th? Pledge now! Share this new VOTE for Climate, Jobs, and Justice poster, designed by world-renowned printmaker Amos Kennedy, on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Divestment Action Thursday June 28 5:15 pm Fulton Street Brooklyn

PLEASE HELP PUSH NYS COMPTROLLER DINAPOLI ON DIVESTMENT Divest NY and our partners are picketing NY State Comptroller DiNapoli at his fundraising rally!!! Let’s protest his resistance to divesting the $6 billion presently invested in fossil fuel stocks in the NYS public pension

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Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt Speeding Up

  Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting 3 times faster than before A new study suggests a section of glaciers in Antarctica is melting faster than expected. By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON — The melting of Antarctica is accelerating at an

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Mon June 18 5:30 picket Cuomo on fossil fuels at the Plaza

Picket Cuomo – Off Fossil Fuels!   Monday, June 18 5:30 – 7:00 pm   The Plaza Hotel 768 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan Governor Cuomo is holding a fundraiser in Manhattan — and we’ll be there, urging him to move New

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The Guardian Reports China’s Green Shift Progress

China’s Green Shift is Positioning it to Overtake US in Energy Technology, Security “The Guardian reports that air pollution in 62 Chinese cities fell by 30% between 2013 and 2016, according to the World Health Organization. Beijing, the capital, fell from a

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NYC September People’s Climate March now September 6

The NYC climate action sponsored by Peoples Climate Movement will be on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 5:30 starting at Foley Square.  Why is NYC having our climate action 2 days before the rest of the world?  The  thinking is:  Sept 8

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Activist letter to support NYC just retrofitting of buildings

Did you know that 70% of NYC’s massive climate pollution comes from oil and gas energy used to power buildings? Yes, much of that pollution is the result of wasted energy. For example, that moment during the winter when your

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Environmental Justice Activism Opportunities May 17, 19 & 22

1. Thursday  May 17th  Meeting to start planning for 9/8 Climate action in NYC 12 noon-1:30 pm 25 west 18th Street in Manhattan:  SEIU 32 BJ, auditorium B on the 5th floor goal: to plan for the climate action here.

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