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Walmart’s hazardous waste crimes: Toward public awareness and shaming

By Jovanni Rodriguez Last year Walmart Stores Inc. pled guilty in three criminal cases that were brought against them by federal prosecutors and a civil case brought by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Walmart violated the Clean Water Act which

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BOOK REVIEW: Portney’s “Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously”

By Joan Hoffman Are sustainable cities our salvation? The growth of city sustainability plans is impressive. Is this “greenwashing” or are the plans serious? Kent E. Portney, in Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: Economic Development, the Environment, and Quality of Life

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Boots on the ground: Protecting rhinos in South Africa from poachers

The SEJ Program welcomed anti-poaching ranger Matt Bracken for a talk on his efforts to confront rhino poaching in South Africa. His presentation centered on the role that demand for rhino horn in Vietnam and China has played in creating

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The untold story of fishing: Illegal, unreported, and unregulated

By Jonathan Simmons Ahhhhhh fishing. One of the world’s most ancient traditions used to catch the finest fly of the day, reel in that big bass to show to your buddies, or simply get away from all the stress in

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John Jay’s new environmental club organizes film event

In conjunction with the Environmental Education Fund, the environmental club showed several films on Thursday, November 13, during lunchtime and community hour at the John Jay College cafeteria (new building). The films were Invisible Ocean: Plankton and Plastic, the Story of

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Criminology, environmental harm and innovation: The Ocean Cleanup

By Lieselot Bisschop Environmental crime ranges from the smuggling of hazardous waste to the killing of elephants for their ivory. I have been studying environmental crime and one thing is very clear to me: it is a phenomenon for which

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“Dancing Solar Flowers” is sustainable and artistic engineering

A world renewed, Belgian artist and engineer Alexandre Dang recently opened the exhibit “Dancing Solar Flowers” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice as part of the 50th anniversary of the college.  The exhibit consists of small solar flower pasted onto

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Chelsea art exhibit inspires Sustainability students

Introduction to Sustainability Studies (SUS 299) students and Professor Mielna Popov enjoyed a field trip last week. They explored Dionisio Gonzalez’s exhibit “Habitable Artefacts“ at the Gallery Richard. Talking to Mr. Jean-Luc Richard, the gallery owner, they learned about the role

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Cleaning up oil spills

Professor Milena Popov’s Introduction to Sustainability Studies (SUS 299) students have been devising methods to clean up oil spills, exploring the traditional methods such as aeration, filtration, sedimentation, conglomeration, and even brainstorming new and improved methods. For example, using a filter

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Tiger-poaching in Thailand is on the rise

By Sacha Chadwick Wildlife crime is defined as any violation of a criminal law intended to protect wildlife. Researchers Kristie Blevins and Terry Edwards state that poaching is one of the most notable wildlife crimes. Recent news articles have shown that

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