Our faculty supporting the EJ program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice are busy contributing to sustainability and environmental justice through a variety of scientific, scholarly, and artistic productions.  The following is a list of some of our work.


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Articles and Book Chapters

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Visual Art

Milena Popov, Buzzing Calligraffiti (2022), streetnotes vol. 29 “New York City in Transformation.” Ed. Linda Saphan and Jennifer M. Pipitone.

Milena Popov, Rain Dots (2014), Access Denied (2012), Side View (2009), Metamorphosis (2007).

Mary Ting, COMPASSION: For the Animals Great and Small (2015), Endangered! (2016-17), Our Hive is Sick (2020).


Karen Malpede, Playwright and Director of Extreme Whether (Theater for the New City, October 2-26, 2014, La Mama, March 1-18, 2018).

Malepede, Karen. (2016). Hermes in the Anthropocene: A dogologue. Animal Sentience

IMG_4264Film Festival Organization

Lindsey Kayman (former John Jay Director of Environmental Health and Safety), “Environmental Justice Café” Annual Spring environmental documentary film festival at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY. 2013-2019.