John Jay Library Environmental Justice Research Guide

This guide on the John Jay library page, with a focus on environmental justice issues in the US, offers definitions, database and research help, NYC resources, environmental justice-related news, and more.

John Jay Teaching and Learning Center Environmental Justice and Sustainability Page

The TLC Environmental Justice and Sustainability page offers links to John Jay and CUNY resources, readings, and organizations in the city.

John Jay TLC Climate Change Page

The TLC Climate Change page offers links to a variety of activist organizations.

Skeptical Science (Getting Skeptical about Global Warming Skepticism)

This page, maintained by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, journalists, engineers, and conservationists, offers overviews of the scientific literature and evidence, as well as links to sources and studies, to address the “climate myths” propounded by climate change deniers. Arguments are presented at varying levels of scientific detail, from “basic” to “intermediate” and “advanced” depending on the need. A very useful teaching tool.

Environmental Justice

A research project to study and contribute to the global environmental justice movement. An incredibly useful resource. See in particular the Environmental Justice Atlas, which maps and documents environmental justice conflicts around the globe.

Environment & Society Portal Environmental Justice Resources

Extensive online environmental justice resources are available via the Environment & Society Portal.

National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Environmental Justice Page

This page offers a detailed history of the environmental justice movement. The webpages of the NRDC are very useful for other environmental issues as well.

Environmental Law Institute – People, Places, Planet Podcast

The pages of the Environmental Law Institute offer a variety of helpful resources, including the People Places Planet podcast series.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The reports, material and recommendations of the IPCC, the scientific body advising global policy makers and the U.N. on matters of climate change can be found here.

Teaching Resources ASLE

The Teaching Resources page of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) offers a range of syllabi and assignments from Environmental Justice and Climate Change to Green Media and Tiny Ecology for free download.

Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities

Reading lists and resources for anybody interested to incorporate a climate-change unit using literature into their courses.

NAACP Environmental Justice Initiative

A pdf document put together by the NAACP’s Environmental/Climate Justice Initiative with a host of teaching resources and lesson plans.

The International Institute of Climate Action and Theory (ICAT)

ICATs pages provide extensive information and resources on policy-making to ensure climate justice and human rights in the face of climate change.

Climate Central Coastal Risk Screening Tool

Climate Central’s map of coastlines predicted to be flooded by 2050 according to revised data sets.

Climate Deregulation Tracker

An efficient tool for tracking what the Trump Administration has done to deregulate our climate and environmental protections has been created by the Columbia Law School Sabin Center for Environmental Law of the Columbia University Earth Institute.