The SEJ Faculty are:

Paul Bartlett, Economics

Jacoby Carter, Philosophy

Joshua Clegg, Psychology

Lissette Delgado-Cruzata, Science

Robert Garot, Sociology

Jay Hamilton, Economics

Joan Hoffman, Economics

Helen Kapstein, English

Lindsey Kayman, Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Nyasha Laing, Africana Studies

Karen Malpede, Theater & Communications

Gerald Markowitz, History

Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Africana Studies

Richard E. Ocejo, Sociology

Christian Parenti, Economics

Maria Victoria Perez-Rios, Political Science

Gohar Petrossian, Criminal Justice

Milena Popov, Art & Music

Jennifer Rutledge, Political Science

Alexander Schlutz, English

Kate Schowe, Science

Itai Sneh, History

Sandra Swenson, Science

Mary Ting, Art & Music


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