Environmental Justice Activism Opportunities May 17, 19 & 22

1. Thursday  May 17th  Meeting to start planning for 9/8 Climate action in NYC
12 noon-1:30 pm
25 west 18th Street in Manhattan:
 SEIU 32 BJ, auditorium B on the 5th floor
goal: to plan for the climate action here. They are taking place around the country  to influence  a planned San Francisco  Global Climate Summit involving the nations’ governors and mayors. The meeting is expected to tend to be too “corporate” in tone and the intention is to alert local  elected officials to the need to commit to polices that really help the environment and working people and local communities.  Points needing discussion include the fact that the labor day parade happens on Sept 8th and that a primary happens shortly thereafter.  In other words nitty gritty problems that need open and  nuanced discussion.
organizers: includes igc.org  institute for global communications and also a member of pscewg.
2. Saturday May 19th Sustainable Harlem 
Drew Hamilton Community Center 320 west 143rd Street
goal: to discuss ways to make Harlem healthier, cleaner and more eco-friendly; Brooklyn Boro President will speak.
  sponsors: many official and organizational sponsors
3, Tuesday May 22: Just Transition to a more climate friendly economy and society


638 east 6th Street NYNY 10009

Goal To discuss means of pushing for climate friendly policies that will take the needs of working people and low income residents  into account. The desire is for strategies to influence at the state and federal level.
sponsors: seem to include NYRenews, NYSNA ( a nursing organization), NYC.DSA, Socialists.nyc and others