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June 29th, 2018

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Since 2014, the Peoples Climate Movement has made the argument that to change everything, it takes everyone. Now more than ever that message rings true. This week we’ve seen another supreme court justice step down, opening the door to a super conservative Trump-majority that could threaten the most basic of our civil liberties for decades. We’ve seen SCOTUS deal a dangerous blow to the labor movement; a decision that will deeply impact working people’s ability to organize effectively across the country. We’ve seen a xenophobic executive order become a law banning global citizens from entering the country because of the majority religion of the country from which they hail. And we’ve seen thousands of migrating families – mothers, fathers, and children – denied due process, detained, and their family unit torn apart. What these attacks have in common, in part, is an agenda that increases the power of the 1%, that transforms good government into a system that only serves wealthy business interests, and keeps us divided.

But they’ve failed. We aren’t divided. As democracy comes under attack and repressive and right wing movements in the US and around the world are emboldened, we are building a movement that is strong enough to change the balance of power and protect our rights.

PCM believes our struggling allies are more than progressive partners working towards a common goal, they are more than lists of folks disproportionately impacted by the ravages of climate change; they are our brothers and our sisters, our mothers and our fathers. They are all of us. We are all of them. Today we rise with detained immigrants and those fleeing places vulnerable to climate disasters. We rise with our working brothers and sisters, fighting with us side by side for a clean and renewable energy economy that guarantees family-sustaining jobs and the right to unionize. We rise with these men, women, and children for Climate, Jobs, and Justice. We do it today, we’ll do it on September 8th, we’ll do it on November 6th, and in the weeks, months, and years to come. We will change everything, because we are everyone.

P.S. This Saturday, people across the country are taking action to stand with immigrant families and against Trump’s cruel “zero tolerance” policy. Find an action near you here.



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→ Find a Climate Event near you. Just enter a zip/postal code and find September 8th Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice events happening all over the world. If you will be hosting a #ClimateJobsJustice action, make sure to add it to the map so others can join you!

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Planning a Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice Action? Check out this Guide!

SAVE THE DATE: PCM’s National Partner & Participant Call, July 12th @ 7 PM ET

Join PCM partners on July 12th to learn more about Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th actions happening across the country, and how you can get involved. RSVP Here.



Join The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street for the First Arts Meeting for the New York Rise For Climate Action

Introducing the 2018 RAY Fellowship Program Conservation Conversation Series!

These Conversations will occur as hour-long webinars via Zoom and registration is required. Please find the dates, times, and titles of the upcoming webinars below, along with links to register. Info can be found on RAY social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @rayconservation) as well as on the RAY website.

  • Conservation Conversation with Derek Segars – Thu, Jun 28 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT

Register here Title: Policy and the Environment: A Glimpse into Minority Representation in Environmental Policy

  • Conservation Conversation with Camilo McConnell – Mon, Jul 2 @ 1pm ET/ 10am PT

Register here Title: Intersectional Approach to Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation

  • Conservation Conversation with Gustavo Figueroa – Fri, Jul 6 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT

Register here Title: An Innovative Approach to Conservation and Coastal Resiliency

Zero Hour Youth Climate March July, 21st 2018

Join #ThisIsZeroHour  on July 21st, 2018, to rally for statewide, national, and global climate justice! In Washington D.C., youth will march on the National Mall for the demands that are to be delivered to leaders during The Youth Climate Lobby Day. Voices and stories of youth on the frontlines of the climate crisis will be highlighted. Youth will flood the streets as a demonstration of power and show how to act on climate change. To join: RSVP here!


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