Sept 6 NYC Climate March: plan now to join others!

Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice– next big climate march:  Thursday, Sept. 6, 5:30 pm, Battery Park, rally till 6:30 and then march up Broadway to Federal Plaza. 

This is part of a global set of actions in response to the San Francisco-based Global Climate Action Summit on Sept. 12-13.  Dozens of actions across the globe, but particularly in the US, are demanding that local leaders–in our case, DeBlasio and Cuomo, step up their climate policy as our federal government will not.

This is a march for our grandchildren’s future and will feature lots of young people who are core to the organizing.  Note:  the rest of the world is demonstrating on Sept. 8 but in NYC we cannot do that–long story of labor, religion and elections–so we are going to be the clarion call for the rest of the world.  Now it is our responsibility to be big, beautiful and effective