Support Greening NYC’s Dirty Buildings

by Joan Hoffman with help of the CUNY Professional Staff Congress Environmental Justice Working Group

YOU can support an important program to reduce New York City’s carbon footprint! Because New York City has the efficiency of a subway system, two thirds of New York City’s emissions can be traced to the City’s one million buildings. However, now two bills introduced to the City Council are designed to make a significant reduction in this footprint by requiring the retrofitting of the city’s largest buildings ( over 25000 sq. ft)  for fuel efficiency. Retrofitting these building, about 50,000 in number, can reduce emissions by 30%. Their emissions are to drop 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2040 (1). The first bill (int.1253-2018) requires the retrofitting for efficiency and substantially(2). The second (int. 1252-2018), establishes low cost loans for smaller landlords to enable them to meet the new standards(3).(see links below)

How can you help? You can encourage your City Council representative to support the bills and to fight for good jobs for local labor to do this work. Some City Council members have not signed on to support this bill yet and they are listed below. There is also a link to a list of all members and you can encourage them to support legislation calling for good local jobs for this retrofitting work (4). 

List of City Council Members not yet sponsoring the Bill.

Council District
9 Bill Perkins
12 Andy King
13 Mark Gjonaj
18 Ruben Diaz Sr
19 Paul Vallone
23 Barry Grodenchik
27 Daneek Miller
32 Eric Ulrich
42 Inez Barron
44 Kalman Yeger
48 Chaim Deutsch
50 Steven Matteo
51 Joseph Borelli

.Link to find your city council members.

References: New York CityCommunities for Change, the People’s Climate Movement NY,

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    Council Member Costa Constantinides, District 22 downloaded from
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  3. Link to int.1252
  4. Link to organization fighting for good local jobs while retrofitting and greening New York City.