Third Student Eco-Fashion Show at John Jay College

by Milena Popov

On May 4th, professor Milena Popov and her students from the Eco Art and Design course organized an Eco-Fashion Show at John Jay College. At this 3rd Eco-Fashion show at John Jay, students showcased environmentally conscious garments and accessories they designed during the Spring 2023 semester.

The audience was able to see various types of eco-fashion design types, from t-shirts and scarfs with environmental messages and garments dyed with natural pigments, to upcycled garments, jewelry, and other accessories made with found objects and materials, as well as crocheted accessories made with bamboo and recycled yarns.

as well as a baseball cap with various types of applications.

and a scarf with environmental message.
Turmeric dyed t-shirt and shorts, paired with plastic bag crocheted into a bag, cut-out long sleeve top, and jewelry made with found objects and materials.
and a bracelet made of found objects and materials.
Cut-out shirt with applications paired with a bag with applications.

At the show, students also handed out a brochure to the audience. This brochure contained not only information about the show, but also tips for audience members who wish to lower their individual fashion eco-footprint. Student-designers and audience members were delighted with the show and were hoping for the eco-fashion show to be held at the college every semester, or at least annually.