Recent Posts: Sustainability & Environmental Justice @ John Jay College

Student Haiku

This haiku by Angel Jimenez was inspired by The Story of Stuff: Milk she feeds our young Poison in mother’s body Tainted is her gift Angel Pascual Jimenez Gutierrez majors in International Criminal Justice at John Jay College and is

JJ Alumna’s Path to Environmental Justice Work

Alumna’s John Jay education helped prepare her for her environmental justice work. ECUADOR The Gulf of Guayaquil endangered by socio-ecological conflicts and climate change. by Wendy Chávez[1] Ecuador is also known as the “middle of the world,” because it is

The Bees and We

The Bees and We   Puzzling                The mysteriously disappearing bee,                Nourishment’s necessity, Reveals complexity.   The Bees: The commercial life of the bee:                Monocropping’s malnourishment                Absence of rest,                Pesticidal toxicity Weakening immune systems, Advantaging traditional